Our favorite resources for the Fall

Per request, I’ve taken time to share the lovely resources we are using for the upcoming fall! My children are 6, almost 5, 3.5, and almost 2 year old twins. I also share our daily rhythm and weekly schedule because these are the things I request most when I’m picking the brains of other mamas! I hope this encourages your heart as you pursue what’s best for your sweet family. I’ve provided links for you! So click away!
We’re goo-goo eyed over our beautiful new resources.  We don’t need most of them, but decided to freshen our space and revitalize our love for homeschool. enjoy.All of these stunning pieces are from Bella Luna. Thank you Bella Luna for providing such precious pieces that wake us up to a rich life of schooling. (We can’t wait to use our wooden numbers for skip counting- coupled with the skip count songs from Math-U-See)

Math-U-See , math game

For reading we use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy lessons (and the title lives up to its name, My 6 year old was reading by lesson 50ish) And you guys it’s 13$. For handwriting we use Handwriting without tears . 

The gorgeous wooden letters are amazon. You’ll notice a theme here. Same for the simply beautiful book stand. Sight word Flash cards. 

For nature study: Handbook of Nature Study, Parables From Nature (a book that surprised me so much that I’m moving around our schedule to work it in- in a significant way!), Nests and eggs of north Texas backyard birds, nature journals, Nests: Fifty Nests and the Birds that Built Them, washi-tape, The Burgess Book for Children.

Art: sketch pads, watercolor paper, markers, paint, easel, clay, clay tools.

Good books: the big book of bugs, the street beneath my feet, paddle-to-the-sea, mama built a little nest.

These are the only homeschool resources I swiped at the Greater Homeschool Convention this year. I am convicted that we need behaviors, expectations, and habits in place before we hit the ground running with school subjects. I’m excited to implement these this season to set our course for smooth sailing in the years of homeschooling to come. The first is the etiquette factory. The second is teaching self government. If anything, these are the most important things I will teach my children for a life of  success.

Drawing boards, watercolor paint jars, bees wax candles from NovaNatural Toys!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this post was encouraging for your upcoming school year! God bless, Rae.

Daily rhythm:

Weekly schedule: