the humming room

Do you have a bustling room in your house where all the magic happens? You know that space that makes you happy-content-inspired-relaxed yet productive?


the humming room reggio art corner and drawing display

This is our room.

the humming room preschool homeschool room

My little humming birds, with their ever growing wings, flit from one pocket of the space to another gathering the sweet nectar of life with each invitation to play. We often venture out of our nest to gather experiences of nature, wonder, and relationship.  But then we come right back to our room, inspiration in hand, ready to play our way to understand the world around us.

the humming room reggio preschool room work table

May the nectar we find here be sweet unto you.

the hummingroom preschool homeschool room

Ready to get a start on your homeschool room? This is where I started.