Check out the incredible blogs that helped jumpstart our homeschool journey. These blogs coupled with these books gave us the vision and direction to seek and find our homeschool identity.

Play-based Learning: 

For fun, play based activities for your preschoolers and beyond! Galaxy oobleck, gelatin castles,  soapy sea-foam and more!the humming room reggio open ended body paint artReggio Emilia Approach: A Everyday Story and Wonder Seekers

Tips on how to make your homeschool environment Reggio, which toys to cull, which art supplies to buy and how to arrange them! Child-led math, self-directed clay projects, art provocations and more! the humming room reggio open ended body paint art

Building Your Family Culture Around books: Read Aloud Revival
Encouraging weekly podcasts with guest speakers on how to build your family culture around books. How to read to book eaters, how to navigate fantasy, how to give your children the world with globally minded books and more!image