What’s A Morning Basket

One question I get asked most on our homeschooling journey is “What’s a morning basket?” It’s encouraging to have other mothers in my life seeking a literacy rich homelife, and lovely habits.

“The mother who takes good care to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days”- Charlotte Mason
I love sharing what works for us. This post is for all those mamas.imageA morning basket is a basket full of books to start the day with important and rich ideas.

“A morning in which a child receives no new idea is a morning wasted”- Charlotte Mason

What’s In the basket:
The bible,remember board, good good books, markers and clipboards, and handwork!imageWe use a basket so that we can sit at the table, or in the reading nest, or have a picnic, or take it to the park etc!

Here’s what we do:
We pray (the girls do to) and we open our bible to a psalm. Right now the girls read a portion of Psalm 119 with me!  They have memorized it over the weeks I’ve read it out loud. We recite our memory verse (which changes every couple of weeks). Sometimes we recite all of our memory verses to keep them fresh. And then I read a small paragraph in the gospel of Matthew (I think we will do Genesis when we finish Matthew).
We use our remember board to draw and recall together what we read in Matthew, and what it means. The girls love to draw Jesus. This is the sweetest and most important part of our day. This is where the girls learn of their need for a Savior.the humming room homeschool art travel music and cooking ideas-8The girls then take turns choosing which book we read next. I typically have a specific author or literary style in our basket (currently, Jan Brett), a few of their unrelated favorites, and non-fiction books that correlate with their interests (currently butteries, the human body, and cicadas)imageI keep clipboards and markers in the basket for the girls to sketch while I read. Observational drawings, authoring and illustrating of their own stories is a fantastic result, but mostly they like to keep their hands busy. I keep small blocks and handwork for my smallest one too!imageThere is no time set for morning basket, it always comes to an end organically. Everyday is different!imageThat’s it! That’s whats in a morning basket. I’d love to hear what’s in yours! For more on how to build your family culture around books click here!

May we do all things to connect with and learn from each other ✨

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  1. Jessica Yoshida
    Jessica Yoshida says:

    This sounds like a lovely idea. I have the bad habit of turning the TV on in the mornings 😬 Do you get the basket out after breakfast? Do you think a 2 year old is ready for something like this?

    Much love!

    • Raechel
      Raechel says:

      Man that was our pattern for so long as well!! We just made changes a year ago and it’s been a world of difference. We start morning basket during breakfast. They tend to sit and attend to the words I’m reading if they have food in their mouth 😜 With my girls 2 was an ok age to start but with my 2 year old son I wouldn’t have started this yet.

  2. Dusty
    Dusty says:

    Hey Raechel! Love this idea! Going off the previous question about starting at a young age:
    If the child is too young to start the particular rhythm you have in place, do you have any suggestions or modifications so that the rhythm can begin and the tv can go off? Because we are in the bad habit of the tv going on too. Thanks!

    • Raechel
      Raechel says:

      Hey Dusty, I was in the TV habit for along time. I didn’t really understand the importance of reading aloud at a young age. I would start with board books. And I would start small. Just a little bit each day. Mine still listen best when they have food in their mouth or when they are playing. What ages are you working with?


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