Cultivating Traditions: December

Christmas is upon us! Its the most… busiest time of the year.  As the bustling begins and our schedule ramps up I am intentionally pulling back, slowing down, bedding down if you will. Hibernating for winter. I refute all things contrary to hot coco, easy going crafts, cuddles, and  the slow work of soaking in the Reason for the season. Here is a look at what we are committed to for the month of December!

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-5

First and foremost. Advent. Each morning we count down the days to the birth of Christ with 25 days of Christ. We read in Scripture each miraculous account of His birth, life on earth, death, burial, and resurrection.homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-2

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-4

We paint the representational ornament given that day and hang it on the wall when it dries.


The girls absolutely love this tradition (we might have to find a replacement when Christmas is over).

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-15

After our advent work we make coco and gather around a Christmas subject (nativity, tree, snow owl etc.). We sip our coco and paint an observational painting together discussing the wonders of Christmas. (This is my personal favorite part of the day!!)

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-8

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-13After painting we carve out space for free play (mostly outside if weather permits). This time is SO important as it allows the girls to self direct, explore, create, and manage their world all their own. It’s also an important time for me too. It’s important that I step back and slip into a good book, or hand craft, or do laundry. I find it important to engage my girls often, strengthening their minds and souls, but it’s equally important to step back and allow them (and myself) independence and autonomy. This is when the girls become most inventive and are most happy.

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-7

Here fin, age 3, is concocting a delicious (and elaborate) meal for her horse. This is the most literacy rich part of our day as the girls spin stories, act out real life scenarios, and create small worlds. Yes we read often, but here the girls connect ideas and become authors themselves.

After nap we gather in our reading nest for Tea Time with Stuart Little. The girls pour milk, stir honey, and carefully handle their cups as I read chapters in Stuart Little, some poetry, and often many picture books. We linger over tea and books together each afternoon. This is Fin’s favorite part of the day.

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas

We typically do a Christmas craft after tea time. The girls have a tree in their room and are slowly making decor to fill it (so far ginger bread ornaments and pom pom garland).homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-18

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-17

Sometimes we explore at our winter nature table complete with tree trimmings, critters, holly, and snow (baking soda+ conditioner+ peppermint essential oil)!

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-11

It actually feels cold and can be molded like the real thing!

the humming room homeschool christmas craft and art ideas

Here “the big bad squirrel is coming so all of the animals have to hide under snow caves and brush.” When the squirrel found them he asked each animal to play and go to the zoo. homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-10

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-12

There you have it! These are the things we are committing to for the month of December! And obviously we are having a blast. Homeschooling rocks.

homeschool christmas craft and art ideas-16

Here is our Christmas corner where we hang our observational paintings and advent items. There is also a play nativity scene, previous Santa photos, an assortment of Christmas books (commercial and Christ centered), and a painting a friend made for the girls. Soon will be hanging the Christmas cards that we receive this year!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Comment below!

May we do all things to connect with and learn from each other ✨