Rags to Riches

Don’t you love “rags to riches” stories?  Our daily life is full of them. It’s so rewarding to take mundane or even broken things and experiences and turn them into something useful/ beautiful.  The most recent  opportunity was a broken Ikea frame. It was brand new. I was rather disappointed. It was to hang a special gift from my husband: A Moon Rise Kingdom inspired print and Ikea is 40 MINUTES AWAY! Instead of throwing it out I had a better idea!

Art is pretty important in our home  and I am on a mission to make the girl’s work a prominent fixture in our home. 

the humming room open ended early childhood education art

So I decided to lay out the cardboard backing in our art space and see what happened!The project was on going for about 4 days (we like to have working projects where we can add as we feel inspired). The girls first used tempera paint dumping, splattering, and spreading. Next they added water colors with pipettes.

DSCF1502In one session the crayons were coated in paint. While they were napping I soaked the crayons in warm water and all of the paper fell off of them. Instead of throwing the papers away I offered them as a material in our next art session. Fin requested the glitter glue.

the humming room reggio open ended art for homeschool preschool

the humming room reggio open ended homeschool preschool art

Our “finished products” always look something like this. It’s beautiful to me.  

the humming room reggio sensory art early childhood education

After cleaning away the clutter we discovered an exquisite mixed media piece. One that, if the original glass was in place, would have veiled its magnificence

the humming room reggio abstract preschool art display

This piece hangs as a permanent fixture in our main living space. Aren’t rags to riches beautiful!  Our family looks upon it with great joy. I look forward to strengthening this tradition in our family. May we always find the beauty in the broken. 

May we do all things to connect with and learn from each other ✨

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